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I love natural-looking makeup looks that are pretty and lasts all day! Whether you’re a longtime follower or a newbie to my channel, this video is filled with all of my favorite tips and tricks [More]
Makeup Artist Elizabeth Freid shows you the best tips for applying makeup when you will be in front of the camera.
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Easy Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial : Hey loves! Today’s video is a tutorial on an easy everyday makeup look, including no false lashes! The eyeliner is totally optional as well! [amazon_link asins=’B002QT5508,B071W2HLVC,B01CNZMMV4,B0026BC9Z0,B001KYQ1B2,B01LDELBTU,B073WZPH33,B073WZHV8G,B010TF8LXS’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’tareqnoor05-20′ [More]
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